Body Treatments


SpaRitual £45.00
Includes a full body exfoliation, using a choice of three mineral salt rubs: open your eyes, close your eyes or look inside, followed by an Indonesian Ginger body masque.You then receive a full body massage using SpaRitual Jasmine Body Oil, followed by Heavenly Body Lotion.  
Crystal Clear Total Body Experience £35.00
Crystal Clear Total Body Experience oxygenates and smooths the skin, while a reviving massage using crystal body firming complex awakens the skin’s senses while firming and detoxifying. Perfect for sluggish circulation and cellulite conditions, also an excellent treatment to use as a part of a weight loss programme and toning regime.  
No Hands Massage™  
A full body massage. The gentle giant of massage, a dynamic new form of massage that is both immensely powerful yet extremely pleasant at the same time. No Hands bridges the gap between east and western techniques with this amazing healing touch.
Choose your time:
30 mins £25
60 mins £45
75 mins £60
Hot Stone Massage  
Enjoy the healing powers of warm Basalt Stones; melt away stress, tension aches and pains. A wonderfully relaxing treatment that soothes yet energises at the same time, exciting all the senses.  
Full Body £50.00
Indian Head Massage £25.00
Promoting a deep state of relaxation, working on the scalp, shoulders, neck and face. Indian head massage comforts and soothes, alleviating all feelings of stress and tension.  
G5 is a mechanical gyratory massage helping to improve circulation, break down fatty deposits, stimulate the lymph systems and relax muscle fibres, therefore helping the appearance of cellulite. Treatment time is approximately 30 minutes treating the thigh and buttock area.  
£15 per session Course of 6 £80.00
Ear Candle Therapy £23.00
An alternative approach to ear syringing - using organic therapeutic hollow candles. When lit they create a light suction action which generates a massage - like effect on the eardrum, this induces a pleasant feeling of warmth and balance of pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses. This is a soothing and helpful treatment for sinusitis, slight deafness, irritation of the ears, glue ear, stress, hay fever, pain during flying, colds and headaches. Treatment is followed by a face and neck pressure point massage.  
Spray Tan using Kissed By Mii £25.00
An all natural product to give you an all over spray tan that looks completely natural without any nasties.
The most effective method of Hair Removal, using creme vanilla or tea tree wax.  
Full Leg. Bikini and U/A £25.00
Full Leg including Normal Bikini £22.00
1/2 Leg, U/A & Bikini £22.00
1/2 Leg £12.00
Back of Thighs £ 7.00
Bikini Line from £7.00
Specialised Bikini Waxing (ladies only) POA
Forearms £10.00
Underarm £6.00
Eyebrow £6.00
Lip and Chin £7.00

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